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Floral Investment 


A Typical Wedding 

The knot.com recommends that a Bride spends 8-15% of their overall budget on flowers! However, this tends to be on the low side and really is relative to the wants of the bride as well as the size of the bridal party. 

We have started for the 2019 wedding season to in act minimums for events depending on where we travel for the event.

There is a $1200 minimum investment for all of our wedding work.

Our Process 

We take all of your inspiration images and turn them into a reality. With that said we are honest about the budget constraints that you may have in regards to budget. 

We gather the following information: 

  • All ceremony floral needs including personal flowers (bridesmaid, groomsmen etc.)

  • Inspiration information - Pinterest images, Google Images

  • Budget

  • Time of Wedding

  • Location of Wedding

  • Is there an event coordinator?

  • Reception information (# of Tables etc.)

  • Do we need to work with your cake artist to decorate your cake?

  • And much more...

Our Investment 

Within each wedding, we have countless hours of thought and gathering inspiration. We strive to meet all of the needs of all of our Brides through this process!