2018 Wedding Recap

Holy pearls…. What a year! We did 35 weddings in 2018… Wait what???? We have grown so much thanks to each and every bride that has trusted us with their day.


We are eternally grateful to each photographer for the amazing images, each cake artist for the cakes that our flowers adorn, and each person looking upon them during each wedding!

Please enjoy this condensed gallery of all of our major weddings in 2018!

Vendors highlighted: Lindsey Rickards Photography, Doe Creek Farms, Diamond V Farms, Abby Joy Photography, Wisteria Ridge Venue, Whitney Viers Photography, Peaceful Settings Farm, Kayla Underwood Photography, Bekah Leann Photography, William T Sutherlin Mansion, Berkeley Plantation, Belle Estate Gardens, FireAway Photography, Little Blossom Photography, Lovewell Weddings, Meghan Sheppard Photography


As for 2019, we are looking a head, scaling back a little bit and refining our brand. We want to be known for our unique style and experience given to each of our brides.


We are looking forward to more monumental and memorable First Kiss Pictures.

More Golden Hour photos, more grooms gazing at their brides!


From the simplest of weddings to the most complex, we were able to accomplish some pretty amazing things this year.

Rachel WellsComment