2019 Roanoke Wedding Crawl


We had an amazing opportunity to represent Silks, Ribbons, and Roses at the Roanoke Wedding Crawl as the florist for the Shenandoah Club’s team! Before we get into to the details of that we did, can we just take a second to say that every single team did an incredible job at each of the participating venues! We were blown away by the creativity that everyone brought to the table. Truly, it was a sight to behold!

We had the best time working with all of the vendors and models at the Shenandoah Club! From hair and make-up to delicious cupcakes, each vendors’ passion for creating a beautiful wedding experience was evident.


It’s been three months since you looked at me…. Uh how has it already been three months since the Roanoke Wedding Crawl?!?!?! Did we all get sucked into a time warp? Probably not, but it feels like it.

With such a large venue, Rachel and I had an absolute blast scoping out the Shenandoah Club and deciding what we could do with the space. We opted to show a variety of centerpieces that would allow for every budget. From the most grand wedding to simple elegance, we had that fit!  We also created a variety of silk pieces. This is one of the biggest events that we have ever done, and it pushed us out of our comfort zone. We are so glad that it did because everything turned out beautifully! We walked away from the event feeling like we had reached the next level.


We also had an incredible opportunity to talk with hundreds of brides! Rachel and I were both hoarse by the end of the day, but it was so worth it! It was an incredible chance to share a little of bridal joy with each lovely lady that we spoke with. There’s nothing quite like the palpable excitement of a room full of brides! It was a magical experience.


With that being said, the second most magical part of the day was the food. The chefs at the Shenandoah Club outdid themselves with the spread they provided. Everything was absolutely delicious and beautiful! We ate until they nearly had to roll us out!


We can’t wait for next year and the 2020 Roanoke Wedding Crawl!

Wedding Crawl.png