Tsuga on the Ridge

    What does a florist love more than a unique venue? When approached to do the flowers for an intimate wedding on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we jumped on the opportunity to be a part of this couple’s long awaited day. The intimacy of the ceremony was echoed by the remoteness of the venue, a bridal party of two, and the refined vintage taste in flowers.


            The bride’s style played on every note of a boho chic vibe. We incorporated daisies, Italian ruscus, Queen Anne’s lace, and bupleurum into every arrangement! Though the symmetry is harder to achieve with grouped flowers such as daisies, the final product turned out great!  The looser construction of the bouquet and the vase arrangements proved to be a slight challenge. Though this wedding is fully in line with the current trends of less strict floral rules with a higher level of understated thought. The style challenged us as designers and allowed more of a free form construction.

What Did We Create: 

  1.  One Bridal Bouquet 
  2. One Groom's Boutonniere 
  3. 3 Large Centerpieces with Family heirlooms 
  4. About 20 smaller vases filled for venue decoration

Sentimental Additions:

            The families of the bride and groom supplied gorgeous vases for us. One of them was over 100 years old and is reminiscent of a washbasin vase. The combination of the historical story, the family significance, and the beauty of the floral composition is exactly why we enjoy weddings! Adding in the family pieces is truly a joy and a little unnerving. When handed a piece with so much historical and sentimental value, it feels as though someone trusts you with the weight of the world. Though vases are rarely broken, it does happen….

We took great pride in being trusted with such an important piece. The final product of all the work was a beautiful, quaint wedding on the side of the Blue Ridge Mountains! We look forward to partnering with other small cabins and venues to achieve this timeless look over and over again!

How it Impacted Us: 

    The set up for this wedding took place on the same day as my college baccalaureate! This venue wa super great to work with and allowed me in to set up hours before the family even was set to arrive for the weekend. I finished up all of the smaller vases on site and staged the larger ones according to their initial setup request!

     By all accounts, this was a destination wedding for this couple. This meant that I delivered the wedding bouquet post baccalaureate service at their hotel at 11 pm at night! They were super grateful that I had taken this one with little notice and really pushed my personal life schedule to accommodate the event! This was the first "true" wedding I completed as a flower shop owner. It pushed me creatively to 

         Sadly, in 2016, this gorgeous venue was engulfed after a local brush fire.. We are privileged to have gotten to enjoy and work within this amazing home.  



All Photos taken by: Rachel Wells